Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April 2014 Glamourbox Unboxing: Perfectly Pristine!

Perfectly Pristine? More like Precariously Packed. Oh. My. GOD!

April 2014 Glamourbox (Perfectly Pristine) Impressions

This is like... subscription boxes on steroids. In all my subscriptions (and I've been with Glamourbox since the beginning, read the rest of my unboxings here) I think this is the first box that wasn't sealed perfectly. Why was it not sealed perfectly? Because it's filled to the brim wtih goodies!

April 2014 Glamourbox: Perfectly Pristine

Before we get to the meat of the unboxing, let me give you a small preview as to what's running through my head the entire time. This box has only one item that I'd consider makeup, and lip balm is hardly cosmetic as it is meant to heal rather than temporarily change appearances, but I LOVE most of the beauty finds in this box! It's a head-to-toe curation and a lot of the items are very apt for summer.

April 2014 Glamourbox: Perfectly Pristine

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Reconciliation of Sorts: Unboxing the March 2014 Saladbox "Beauty Recipes" Featuring Skinfood

The last you heard from me regarding Saladboxes was this scathing January-February 2014 box review. It's a little harsh but considering that I purchased my last quarterly on July, and finished the subby last December (with January to February as a bonus box,) I think all my frustration is valid. Despite my great desire to accumulate all subscription boxes, I finally decided to let Saladbox go.

Even when they'd announced a 3-for-Php1000 promo in time for the  March box, it wasn't enough to entice me back into the fold. However, when I saw Dawn's unboxing, I was intrigued. It harkened back to days of former glory when there were multiple premium samples and in fact, the March box even went a step further by eliminating repeats and nasty sachets.

A Reconciliation with Saladbox

Still, I wanted to keep a modicum of consistency. I'd been talking about quitting Saladbox since my second or third quarterly and I was pretty sick of telling myself "I told you so." I didn't want to fall again; taking one great box but signing up for two potential duds. Then, out of nowhere, they extended the 3-for-Php 1000 promo last April 1 and I took it as a sign for the Queendom to retain its territories.

March 2014 Saladbox: Impressions

Behold, the catalyst for my change of heart:

March 2014 Saladbox: Beauty Recipes ft. Skinfood

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

FOTD: 3-Product Face Featuring Ellana Cosmetics

I've been sharing a lot of event-themed posts lately and I thought I'd take a break by posting an FOTD. I've been meaning to do this post for such a long time that finally sitting down and writing it is making me all sorts of rabid. I'll try to tame it down, but please forgive the extra energy!

FOTD: 3-Product Face ft. Ellana Cosmetics

I'm not completely happy with the look I did; I think my eyeshadow inexpertise shows greatly. Still, it was sooo fun just taking the time to sit down and play with my makeup. God, I just live for these days! I will never tire of polishing my technique or exploring new looks. I always want to go bigger and better, and that's all the reward I need. Can anybody else relate? I don't think I'm making too big a deal out of it: playing with makeup is FUN!

With this look, I'm loving the poreless perfection from my foundation and the creamy flush from the blush. Funny, it didn't even start out that way...

Monday, April 14, 2014

April 2014 BDJ Box: A Pixy Exclusive!

It's been a while since I've done an unboxing. Ever since my unexpected late-2013 hiatus, the boxes piled up and I felt too overwhelmed to continue. The queendom suffered. It pained me so much not to share the latest boxes, as it was what got me into blogging in the first place, but you know how when things pile up you get less motivated to get them out of the way? That's what happened.

So instead, I tried to get back into the blogging groove by writing about the first few things that came to mind, as they came to my mind. It's been a slow trickle but I've been a bit more consistent the past few days. Now I'm feeling much more like myself again, having all this time and energy to blog that finally, yes: the SBQ is officially back! Let the trumpets ring, raise the flags and open the gates! We gon' party tonight!

First order of business: a box I got two days ago. Friends and readers, meet the April 2014 BDJ Box:


A Pixy exclusive!

I have not heard anything about Pixy Beauty beforehand but the curation card says it's Indonesian-based and Japanese-formulated. I thought it was purely Japanese so I was a little bit confused: the aesthetics didn't really look like the stuff I'd seen from Japan, i.e. Majolica Majorca and Canmake.

Back and Front of the Curation Card

I loved getting a complete box from them. This is a great way to find out the best items the brand has to offer. Is their lipstick worth anything? What if only their foundation is worth my money? Does the mascara seem promising? This way, should I encounter their stall in the future, I'd know which new releases are worth my attention. Getting a whole beauty kit from one brand is just a side bonus :P Just a little bit.... Mmmkay it's a huge deal, too, hahaha!

April 2014 BDJ Box: A Pixy Exclusive

Also completely worth its own mention: I love that this is a relatively unheard-of brand. Ultimately, beauty boxes shouldn't just be a way for us to get freebies of our loved and tested beauty products. I know some people are more obsessed with the thought of paying Php 580* to get thrice of it back through product and somehow "cheating the system." It's not wrong, but this isn't a group-buying program. The main purpose of beauty boxes is to try new things and the true makeup addicts will get disappointed if they keep receiving the old favorites. A good balance of the two should keep both sides pretty happy :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Php 20 0000 Shopping Spree Winner!

Sooo.. I don't really think this is a big reveal, but scrolling through the entries on the last task of my giveaway, I feel a lot of people missed the point...

Shari said people don't read when blinded by Php 20 000 shopping sprees. Point taken!

I had a ton of laughs with this prank. My throat is still sore from cackling like a witch! It was really funny seeing all the reactions from the prankees. Thankfully everyone was a good sport about it... for those who got it. I'm not sure about the people who are still expecting a shopping spree :S Please don't kill me, guys!

For my great April Fools' prank of 2014, some people were...

Monday, April 7, 2014

Losing My Laser Virginity With Wink's Revlite, Part I: The Procedure

Gree'ins BBT readers! (I'm feeling a bit Bri'ish today, you see?)

If you follow me on Twitter and IG, you might have heard me buzzing about Wink's newest service: Revlite Laser Toning (Complexion Correction) Facial. Since the service comes from Wink, my mind was framed along the lines of laser hair removal. I thought" Wow, what an amazing idea, I'd never heard of laser facials before! But simple internet research shows that it's been around for quite a while and gained popular attention at the start of the decade (2010.)

Wink Trinoma, 3F near Mindanao Parking Entrance

Going off of near-nothing, I imagined a red pointer light tracing along every square inch of my face as it painlessly burnt off the topmost crust of my gorgeous mug. That is  actually so close to reality that I'm quite impressed with myself *snaps*

So to other first-timers and curious cats, read on for the first part of my two-part expose on Wink's Revlite Laser Toning Facial! The next post is going to be The Aftermath: So What Really Happened To My Skin? For now, let me take y'all through the same nervousness and pleasant surprises I encountered!